Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tale of the Aphrodite

What you see here folks is a 1985 Bianca Aphrodite 101...

Built in Denmark by Bianca Yachts , only a few of these have made their way to America...

This one is owned by some friends of ours, Rogor and Debbie and they've asked me to bring this girl to life. They found her on Craigslist located in Chicago. After quite a trip involving a rented pickup truck, a towtruck to help them get out of a muddy storage yard, and a few blown tires, they got her to SC where she sat in their back yard for about a year. They had her hull sanded down and a clear coat of epoxy applied by the time they brought her to me.

First order of business will be to build a set of stairs and deck to the deck of the boat to make it easier to access than a stepladder : ) 

Next will be sanding and painting topside, re-bedding deck hardware so that she will be waterproof without the cover.

After that, we'll start on internal plumbing and wiring.

Then cabin flooring.

Wall coverings.

Cabinet refinish and install.

So, we'll be keeping a running blog of updates that will include pics and videos...


Here is the data on this boat (courtesy of Sailboat Data)

Aphrodite 101 photo on
Aphrodite 101 drawing on

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Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudderRig Type: Fractional Sloop
LOA: 32.60' / 9.94mLWL: 26.25' / 8.00m
Beam: 7.90' / 2.41mListed SA: 436 ft2 / 40.5 m2
Draft (max.) 5.40' / 1.65mDraft (min.) 
Disp. 6174 lbs./ 2801 kgs.Ballast: 3522 lbs. / 1598 kgs.
SA/Disp: 20.79Bal./Disp.: 57.05%
Designer: Paul Elvstrom/Jan Kjaerulff
Builder: Bianca Yachts (DEN)
Construct.: FGBal. type: 
First Built: 1976Last Built: 1987# Built: 450
AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)
Make: YanmarModel: 
Type: DieselHP: 
I: 36.00' / 10.97mJ: 11.80' / 3.60m
P: 39.30' / 11.98mE: 11.40' / 3.47m
PY: EY: 
SA(Fore.): 212.40 ft2 / 19.73 m2SA(Main): 224.01 ft2 / 20.81 m2
Total(calc.)SA:  436.41 ft2 / 40.54 m2
SA/Disp: 20.81Est. Forestay Len.: 37.88' / 11.55m
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:  Bianca Yachts
More about & boats built by:  Ott Yacht (GER)
More about & boats designed by:  Paul Elvström
More about & boats designed by:  Jan Kjærulff
Aphrodite 101 Info.
First boats were built by Langeland Yacht Service. Later Bianca Yachts built some 360 APHRODITE 101''s up until the late eighties. Some of these were exported to other Nordic countries. Some went to other european countries, and a few to the United States.
Also known as BIANCA 101.